The purpose of this extension is to provide work safe pictures from talented photographers around the world straight to your workflow.

Hopefully it will help photographers find a greater exposure and audience.

Hopefully it will brighten your day, every time you open a new tab.

Images which appear in the feed are images which are freely available, without user account, and the source is linked in the info box.

Privacy Policy

As a general posture, A Photographic Start ("the extension") does not store or transmit any data which isn't necessary to the stated purpose (above, "Purpose").

No referal codes, affiliate links, etc. are used to track clicks back to the image source.

Collected Data

A Photographic Start itself collects minimal information:

Data storage

All of the above data is stored by your browser in a database which is synchronized across all devices by the browser itself.

None of this stored data is transmitted to any service by the extension.

The data is viewable through the javascript developer console in your browser. While the new tab page is open, trigger the inspector and enter `options.history` in the console. Explore.

Deleting your data

Resetting your viewing history can be done in many ways. Here are two:

Data collected by third parties

The extension relies on hotlinking images from various photographic websites to achieve its purpose without incurring server costs. As a result, servers outside the control of the extension developer are used. The requests to external servers are limited to a simple <img> request.


Everywhere it is possible, analytic tracking is disabled. However, as there are still statistics on the Extension Store, some analytics are still being tracked. Where possible, those numbers are made publically available.